WeCantPayThatTab.org is a project of Young Americans For Federal Debt Awareness, a non-partisan, non-profit organization. Founded by two young Americans in their twenties, concerned about the future we are facing.

Our goal is to create awareness among the young Americans between the ages of 18-32, also known as the Millennial generation, about the national debt. We aim to educate young Americans about the consequences of the national debt and continued deficit spending. We want you to join with us and start getting active around the issue of fiscal responsibility.  Contact your member of Congress and let them know that you want action on this issue.  If they don’t vote them out.

We are also out to promote  dialogue and exchange of ideas between generations about the trade-offs we will have to make that we call Generationship.

No matter what political party you identify with or socioeconomic class you come from not solving our nation’s fiscal problems will have a dramatic effect on your life.  Mainly that the American Dream we all grew up hearing about will become out of reach for our generation.

Feel free to:

  • Ask us questions
  • Post comments
  • Post a video
  • Disagree with us
  • Support us
  • Provide us with questions to ask your member of Congress or Senator
  • Take look around our site and learn about how the debt will affect your life

Join us! Become a member of our mailing list.  There is strength in numbers and it’s the only way they we are going to get any action from Congress.

About the Founders

Ryan Schoenike has a bachelors degree in Economics from American University and has worked for a variety organizations mostly in the energy field.  He has experience in online marketing, national branding campaigns and statistical analysis.  Ryan serves as a member of the Concord Coalition’s Youth Advisory Board, he currently works for a organization promoting realistic renewable energy solutions.

Brandon Aitchison

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